Ep 40. Auditory Processing Disorder & ADHD

“Auditory Processing is what the brain does with what the ear hears.”
~Jack Katz, Ph.D.

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) shares many traits with ADHD, and this causes confusion amongst professionals (as well as the general public). How do we know if difficulty sustaining attention has to do with auditory processing or attention regulation? Can you have both APD and ADHD? 

Today we chat with Dr. Christa Reeves and Dr. Megan Reeves, a mother-daughter audiologist team who specialize in APD and will help answer some of our questions! In this interview. we'll cover the following (and more!):
  • How do we determine if APD is playing a role in our difficulty sustaining attention?
  • What treatments are out there for those of us who have an APD diagnosis?
  • Do children and adults have the same treatment for APD?
  • Is APD genetic?
  • What school and work accomodations can help support APD?
We'll also learn"

  • An effective treatment for Misophonia 
  •  How uncorrected hearing loss can increase cognitive decline in adults (PSA: correct hearing sooner rather than later!)
  • Why the "huh habit" can damage relationships
  • Some great resources for connecting with APD specialists, no matter where you live.

Helpful links:

To find specialists near you:
International Guild of Auditory Processing Specialists

Dr. Megan Reeves (adults)

Dr. Christa Reeves (pediatrics)