Ep 77. Trauma, ADHD, or Both?

Today we chat with Erin Vandermore, a licensed therapist, wellness coach, and the founder of Age of Uncertainty Coaching about the complicated connection between trauma and ADHD.

Since ADHD and trauma can show up very similarly, it can be challenging (even for clinicians) to differentiate between the two. The fact that many of those with an ADHD diagnosis have experienced trauma around their diagnosis and/or the impact ADHD has had on their lives adds to the complexity of this topic.

Erin offers expert insights on how we can identify trauma and understand its influence on our lives. She explains how somatic therapies like EMDR work and how they can be used to overcome our traumatic experiences. Listen to this episode of ADHD Crash Course to learn more about the ADHD/ Trauma Connection! 

If you would like to connect with Erin, she can be reached at Age of Uncertainty Coaching.