Ep 45. Building Your ADHD Support Team
Interview with Caitlin O’Brient Bauer

After a diagnosis of ADHD, we often have more questions: what's next? Do I need a counselor? What about medication? Would a coach be helpful? Are there accomodations I need to explore for school or work?

It can be overwhelming trying to find answers to all of these questions and most of us will benefit from a team of professionals who can support us on our ADHD journey.Who do you need on your team? What support can each of these team members offer you?

Today I chat with Caitlin  O’Brient Bauer, an ADHD coach and fellow ADHD brain.  We'll hear about her own ADHD journey and how she was eventually able to design her own ADHD support team and how this has impacted her life.

She'll share what worked for her (as well as what didn't work) and offer some suggestions on how to build your own ADHD support team.

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Caitlin O'Brient Bauer is a certified ADHD & Life Coach and the founder of SF ADHD Coach. She's based in San Francisco, CA and meets with her clients virtually. You can find her online at www.sfadhdcoach.com.
If you want more information on rejection sensitive dysphoria, you can access Caitlin's helpful resources handout here.

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