Ep. 83 Sensory Defensiveness and ADHD!

When we experiences sensory defensiveness, everyday sensory inputs can be overwhelming  (or even painful!) Those of us with ADHD are more likely to have these differences in sensory processing  (although you can also have sensory defensiveness/ sensory processing issues without ADHD).

Sensory defensiveness has a significant impact on our daily function. When common sensory inputs (like sights, touch, and sounds) overload our nervous system, it can be impossible to focus on what we want or need to do in the day. We might feel drained, agitated or panicked as our body respond to the perception of danger from these ever present sensory cues.

The agitation and overwhelm that sensory overload triggers can make it difficult to regulate our nervous system, even long after the sensory input is removed!  Understanding what sensory defensiveness is, how it impacts us, and  and what we can do to help is an important tool for those of us with ADHD and the topic of today's episode of ADHD Crash Course.