Thank you for this opportunity, I’m honored to be your coach and look forward to working with you!  Coaching is considered a "co-creative" process, that means we both have an active role in the work. This document includes important information about what you can expect in our coaching sessions and our respective roles.

Each week you will bring an agenda to our session. This is a topic that you would like us to explore and what you want to take away from our session. Feel free to send it to me ahead of time by email or text.

Please be on time for our sessions. Your coaching time is reserved just for you so I won't start other projects or multitask during that time. I have commitments to other clients throughout my day, so I’m not able to guarantee that I can extend our time if we start late.

Your honest feedback about your coaching experience helps me tailor my coaching for you. Please let me know what is working for you as well as what is not working. I’m more interested in offering you the right support than in "being right"!
I will listen closely to you, respond to what I hear, and ask questions. I will offer objective and non-judgmental feedback based on what I observe in our sessions. 

At the end of the session, if you don't mention what actions you would like to take, I'll suggest some ideas. I often ask clients to stretch themselves and commit to concrete ways they will move towards their goals each week. If one of those suggestions is not the right next step for you, I encourage you to let me know and offer something different.

Part of my role as a coach is to be an accountability partner for you. I encourage you to communicate with me about what you want that to look like. Every client is different, so there is no one way that I offer this support. I offer unlimited text and email support to all of my clients and will respond to both within my business hours.

I will honor your confidentiality and the information that we discuss will always be held confidential unless I have your consent/request to share it with another. 

I am not a psychotherapist and am not trained to offer psychological interventions. Although I have training in occupational therapy, I do not offer these services within my coaching practice. If you need services that are not within my scope, I will refer you to an appropriate professional.

Come with a clear understanding of what you would like to take away from the session. It’s fine if you need to change this because of something we discover during our coaching session, but coming with your agenda in mind will help you get the most out of our sessions.

Stay curious with yourself. We all have behaviors or tendencies that can frustrate us and prevent us from meeting our goals. Coaching is meant to help with this. The coaching process can help you clarify what you want, what is getting in your way, and how to meet your goals. A kind and curious approach towards yourself often helps with that.

Take advantage of the accountability options I offer.

Be open-minded. Try new approaches. Experiment.

Be willing to change your beliefs and patterns if they don't serve you anymore.

Offer me honest feedback throughout our coaching relationship about what you need.
I offer different packages and fees depending on the length of commitment. For my month to month services (4 sessions a month), fees are charged monthly and are paid as a retainer fee at the beginning of each month. Pre-paid packages are paid in full before we begin our sessions (payment plans can be arranged as needed). My current fees are listed on my website.

Month to month rates are subject to change and you will be notified in advance of any rate changes.

All of my individual coaching services include unlimited text and email support between sessions. 

I require clients to be current on payments before our sessions, so please pay invoices before the first session of the month.
I can be reached at 770-744-7561 for our scheduled sessions.

I prefer audio calls (rather than video) since it helps me focus and allows my clients to process/ think without distraction. If you prefer a different format, I'm happy to work with you and use a modality that best fits your needs.

Please give our call high priority and arrange your schedule to honor our time. If you must reschedule our call, I ask you to give me 24-hour notice.

No call/no shows and appointments canceled less than 24 hours in advance are charged at the same rate as a regular session and will not be rescheduled.

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