Our membership offers the perfect combination of community, courses, and group coaching! It's a simple set up that offers powerful results.
Frequently Asked Questions
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What topics are covered in the coaching calls and courses?
Each month that you are part of the membership, you can choose a new course to add to your vault! All unlocked courses will remain in your vault for as long as you are in the membership.

Some of the topics you can choose from: Time Management, Executive Functioning Skills, ADHD Friendly Habits, Hacking Motivation, Managing Energy, Emotional Regulation, Eating & ADHD, Thoughts & Beliefs, ADHD & Relationships, and more!
When are the group coaching calls? How do we meet?
We have at least 2 live calls a month and we meet via Zoom. Our current call schedule is:

1st Monday of the month@ 5 pm ET
3rd Tuesday of the month @ 11am ET

 You can attend both calls, one call, or watch the group coaching recordings if you're not able to attend the live calls.
Do you have a group forum?
Yes! We have a private group forum where you can connect with others to offer & receive support!
How many courses are included in my membership?
Each month you are in the membership, you are able to unlock another course and add this to your personal vault. The courses can be taken in any order, so you can choose the topic that feels most important to you each month.
What's the cost of the membership?
The Embrace Your Brain Group Membership is $97/ month. The membership renews monthly and you can cancel it at any time.
Can I schedule private coaching as a group member?
Yes! Group coaching members are able to add private 1:1 sessions to their membership for a discounted rate.