Hi, I'm Donae Cannon

I'm an occupational therapist and a professionally trained coach and I've worked with neurodivergent clients for over 20 years. But my understanding of ADHD is not just professional...

In fact, I believe the MOST valuable thing I offer my clients is my personal experience. 

As a fellow ADHD brain, I understand ADHD's impact on relationships, careers, finances, self care, and even self trust.

I also know that the techniques that work for typical brains may not land for you.
(They didn't for me). 
I bring this understanding along with curiosity, compassion, and humor to the work I do.

How I Coach

I don't have all of the answers, but I'm skilled at partnering with you to discover your answers!

I ask strategic questions and then listen carefully to what you share. We'll identify what's working for you ( and what isn't) and  together we'll design  your next steps forward.

I offer additional support between our sessions so you can take action and make the changes that matter to you!


If you're ready to learn to work with your brain, this is the right time to try coaching with me!
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Certified ADHD-RSP
(ADHD Rehabilitation Service Professional)

ADHD can look different depending on your season of life.
 I'm trained to support you no matter what season you're in.

Certified Professional Coach

In our work, you'll gain clarity about the changes you want to make, what's getting in your way, and what to do about it.
As a certified coach, I'm trained to ask the right questions to help you find your answers!

Occupational Therapist

Learn to break down the challenges you're facing and find your personalized solutions.
My background in occupational therapy has given me a unique skill set to help you do that!
Emotional Regulation Expert

I can help you build a self regulation tool kit based on what works for you.
You can gain confidence in your ability to manage life (and all of the  BIG emotions that come with it)!

Sensory Strategy Specialist

Many people with ADHD also have challenges with sensory processing.

 I draw on my clinical experience in sensory integration to help you navigate your sensory differences.
MBCT Certified
(mindfulness based cognitive therapy)

If you think you're "bad at mindfulness", you're not alone! (I used to think of myself as the least mindful person I knew!)
I can help you learn how to approach mindfulness/ thought work in a down to earth, neurodivergent- friendly way.
Lived Experience

My life experience means I truly get it. (I'm not going to tell you to "just use a planner"). I understand the many ways ADHD impacts your life. I know how hard you can be on yourself and I know how to help you get out of the "shame-game" so you can make the changes that matter to you!

Want to learn more about coaching and how I can help you? Have a question that isn't answered here?