New Client Questions

1. What do you hope to achieve with our work? *
2. Are there factors that might get in the way of you achieving these outcomes?*
3. Who is with you on the journey? Who do you take care of and who takes care of you?*
4. What are you proud of (past and present)?*
5. What does success mean to you and how have you experienced it?*
6. What are some things that bring you joy?*
7. What can you expect of me as your coach? What can I expect of you?*
8. How will you know we're finished with coaching? What will life be like?*
9. What kind of accountability is helpful to you? What is not helpful?*
10. Is there any information that you would like me to know about your identity and/ or life experiences (cultural, gender, professional, religious, etc.) that will help me understand you and your background?*
Anything else that you'd like me to know before we get started?